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Super fan page

The iJustOrder Super Fan is geared towards fans who attend multiple events throughout the year. This portion of the app is built for individuals who needs a tailored event going experience because they attend events so often. Read below to see how this works.

Super fan

one stop shop

Today there are so many different apps you need to have access to in order to do one thing. Well, with the iJustOrder Super Fan experience this will tie all your event apps into one.

To buy game day tickets you need one app for that, to take a picture there's another app for that, to send out social media content there's another app for that.

Now we'll embody all of your favorite apps into one. You need food, order using iJustOrder from your seat, you need parking use iJustOrder to tell you where to park and how much the cost, you need tickets, let us show you the best seats for your best value. 

Our favorite feature is the upgraded capture a moment feature that will be released in the near future. This feature is for those people who loves to capture that 15 second video of that touchdown or those individuals who loves to capture that picture of the crowd when everyone's hands are in the air.