Shakeila “ShaK” Jones



With unparalleled dedication to the success of anything she is involved with, Shakeila “ShaK” Jones has a proven track record of success through dedication and commitment. ShaK’s business acumen and competitive nature stem from years of experience as an NCAA Division I head coach and professional volleyball player. 

Having been an executive member of several businesses, ShaK was able to enhance, grow, and develop new business, as well as strengthen relationships with valuable stakeholders. ShaK has been newly selected as Vice President of Sales & Marketing of iJustOrder. 

As Vice President of Sales & Marketing , ShaK will contribute to directing the activities of the business, identifying market opportunities, developing business plans and forecasts to ensure long-term solvency as the company grows, and participating in early marketing activities to build brand awareness and excitement for all iJustOrder has to offer!

ShaK understands the need to create marketing strategies to better connect the consumer to the service capabilities. She believes in finding ways to simplify a consumer’s experience while optimizing clients’ revenue generating powers. “We believe a business’s top priority is efficiency and effectiveness; a consumer’s top appreciation is convenience. The iJustOrder platform offers just that! We facilitate simplicity,” says ShaK. 

Outside of her office duties, ShaK is committed to keeping music alive by giving some of her time and expertise to the missions of the Kilgore Music Foundation.
A native of Chicago, ShaK holds a BA from CSU in Communications, Media Arts, and Theatre with a minor in Radio and Television Broadcasting. 

Connect with her on LinkedIn to network and discover new options to enhance your event with iJustOrder!